We Can’t Breathe

An upcoming event, titled the “Protest and Open Air Church Service,” is set for June 28th in Austin, Texas, starting at 12 noon at the Texas Capitol South Entrance on 11th street.
The group will walk to the Capitol steps where they will hold a prayer session, prior to activists and business owners delivering speeches discussing how they’ve been affected by the lockdown and mask orders.
We will then march to the Governor’s Mansion to voice their disapproval of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s recent push to mandate masks statewide.
Any and all freedom lovers are welcome and MASK WEARING IS DISCOURAGED! Alex Jones and Infowars crew will be attending. The mask orders are simply authoritarian power-grabbing edicts by would-be dictators. We are standing against the Bill Gates agenda NOW to stop the United Nations/WHO medical tyranny hellbent on bringing in total lockdown til the whole world capitulates to medical ID, cell phone tracking and forced inoculation. We are also pushing for President Trump to sign an Executive Order vetoing these unconstitutional actions by these tyrant cowards.
Just like Trump had to sign an Executive Order to open churches – he waited three months while Antifa ran foaming at the mouth in the streets with BLM burning down the nation – we demand action now!

Watch: Air Quality Device Proves Masks Unsafe For Work

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We the People of the United States of America hereby order all elected government servants to abide by the Bill of Rights, Constitution, and common sense. The planetary lockdown that has more than half the population of the planet on house arrest is nothing less than martial law dictated and directed by the authoritarian World Health Organization – itself controlled by the communist superstate of China. From the beginning the authoritarian regime’s response to COVID-19 has been adopted without question by the United Nations’ WHO, MSM, and most western governments.
ALL of the models brought forward and pushed by the globalist establishment have been 100 percent wrong. In every case they have attempted to terrify the public with projections of millions dead if the US economy is not kept in a coma. The people of America and the planet are witnessing a giant authoritarian power grab that must be repudiated, rejected, and dismantled. The World Health Organization has been caught covering up for the communist Chinese bio-weapon lab in Wuhan leaking COVID-19.
We the People demand that the UN-directed siege of the capitalist world end now, and that all governments – federal, state, and local – launch criminal investigations into the National Institute of Health’s documented relationship with the communist Chinese bioweapon program and the WHO’s attempt to use the crisis to establish planetary governments to affect an absolute medical dictatorship on earth.


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